In Loving Response to OrgCode’s Latest

As this Post only has meaning after reading the latest post by Iain deJong’s “OrgCode ” posting, I ask at this time that you switch to that post for clarity. I request that you return and understand that I respect Iain and was merely in a humorous and uncramped thinking mode!!!

Dear Iain,
I, as a simple man, have come to a somewhat different conclusion than yourself; yet one that has basis in what you speak of. Having had and lost everything a few times in my life, I find that Job is just a means to establish Career which provides the thoughtful need for finding or founding a Vocation. Through the last three year Vacation from Job and Career, I have found a similar Vocation of striving to end or at least to minimize homelessness. In the process of ending my Joblessness and therefore advancing my Career-Direction to support my Vocational tendencies in this regard, I find that all three at the same time can, must, and will be my future. In the process I have found a fourth outcome, goal, driving force, will to live and fulfill my Vocation, need for Job and Career to entitle and endow my vocation. That outcome is Death! I feel lucky that this inevitable outcome while letting me know that it is closer than it was 61 years ago, is far from ready to end the first three. My Vacation from Job and Career is ending as my Vocation becomes stronger and gains wider reach and deeper in focus.
In other words I have combined all three and through my recent Vacation and thoughtfulness about Death (which I understand to be the end of Job, Career, Vocation, and the Final Vacation), to a conclusion that separating any of them from the others, takes and ascribes less value to any one of them, than they have as part of the whole. I see that the only separation viable is that of Death from the other Four (yes Vacation is now part of the opposite of Death)!! So, I wish you well on your Vacation from Job, Career, and Vocation, and that Death takes its own sweet time and a long Vacation from your life. Just knowing that it will take us all in our own time of its choosing, is a relaxing and driving force to all of the above. I only have so much time; Oh Well, lets get on with it. Lets get on with it all and give it all meaning so that when Death hands us our Cease and Desist notice; we have enjoyed our Jobs, Careers, Vocations, and Vacations to the point that others can look at our existence as having had value and surpassing Death. I personally find consolation and drive in these thoughts and wish them for all. May all be accomplished even past Death and lets go watch the FIREWORKS!!!!! YEA!!!

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A Wish for a New Memorial Day

We Are Naught But A Guest

The time to change, a broken system,

Has gone, and then come back again.

The change that’s needed is of mind and heart;

Yet, we crave the formation of a plan.

As time comes and goes, without this plan;

The terrorism of the poor, it will continue.

Criminals take some power, corrupt the scheme,

They falsely place their crimes, within you.

The taking of your life, your pride and ego,

Is as common, as taking a breath, of air;

As you go on, about the parts of your life,

Some just go on, and on without a care.

Of what it is, you were put here for,

Your purpose, our plan, or your desire;

They just want, for their personal self or ego,

Or for their appearance, their clothes, their attire!

Just to get over, around, and/or through,

This self-centered plan; one of power and conquest,

They will take and not borrow, will abscond and steal,

And in our own homes, we are naught but a guest.

As this Memorial Day, May 26, 2014 goes on, the world around us needs some fixing. Rampant bank speculation as the basis of our economy, sectarian violence and separatism the world over,  greed and pride in taking,  and so much more!  We as a planet must begin to realize that to continue down this way of thinking, this way of life; is self terrorizing.  And as such, it can not sustain itself without the destruction of what it is based upon. Today, our Love of our fellow human kind is at an all time low, and sinking all too fast. Take some time to reflect and praise the power that we have to change what we have and what we want, into what we need and what we can share with others. Too, too many gave their lives for us and too, too many more will.  Growing Love and understanding can be a start of a new season of change to get back what has been lost and taken. We must take that chance to change now and create the complete inclusionary mindset that can fix this.


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Happy Mother’s Day To All

As this Sunday unfolds and there is a lot of tension and strife in the world, we at Word On The Street sincerely wish for all Mothers past, present, and future, to have a safe, warm and very much loved Mothers Day! We know that there is strife and anguish in this world, that is shared with others. There are criminals robbing our children and families. There are killers taking the lives of our loved ones. Kidnappers in Nigeria have, with what appears to be the complicity of their government, have stolen our children. They do it in the name of religious beliefs but the reality is it is just for personal use, personal pleasure, and the international sex trade.
I do not want you mothers that suffer these and other trials to sob and cry for the mistakes that others make around you. I want you to smile and hold your head up in pride and Love for what you stand for. I want you to be strong and resolute in your feelings of duty to family, duty to community, and duty to the basic tenets of al religions. We want you to continue to be the best role models that you can be for the rest of us so that when we fall down, we have somebody to look up to with pride.
The world we live in is harsh, tough and much of the time unforgiving. When we are wrong, you must still be that! But, the loving touch, the soft word of encouragement, the smack on our ass followed by the help to do better next time, is invaluable and necessary for us. This world wants to stop you, so that it can control us by our mistakes, and your guiding hand and advice can steer us towards brighter goals.
To say that we Love You, is not enough! To wish that you have a Happy Mother’s Day, is not enough either! To want, that this day is easy and filed with family smiles, is not enough ; it is but one wish. There are 365 ¼ days in a Mothers life each and every year and they can be filled with so much of the problems around us; let us all , just one day at a time, start the end of your trials. Let us bring you more and more days of happiness and pleasure and pride in the great jobs that you do for us.
This is just the first day of the rest of your lives; may it also be the first day of the best of your lives too. And to all of the homeless Mothers out there, find shelter and a future with housing and love. To all of the Mothers that have people that are homeless in their families, give them love to; they need it also. Give Hope not strife! Give love, not hate! Give power to succeed, not fear to fail! And give us the end to separatism as it spawns, and is terrorism! We all have Mothers; help it be a happy one for them all!!!

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Ban the Box Goes to the Mayor

     The process of gaining enough votes for some bills can be arduous and nerve racking and “Ban The Box” was one of those! None the less, with a vote of 10 Yes and only 4 No this bill is moving on to the Mayor’s Desk for signature. We at Word On The Street applaud the City Council for their steadfast support for getting the people of Baltimore back to work. This bill gets the ball rolling strongly in that direction.

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Strings Attached: Federal Rules Hampering Homeless Care?

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April 7, 2014 Baltimore City Council Hearing

      April 7,2014-Baltimore City Hall Chambers     

            As the hearing neared the point at which City Council Bill13-0301 would be heard, the chambers hushed as the “Ban The Box” bill had a minor amendment voted in and the announcement made that the final vote would be Monday, April 28th.  The Easter recess should allow a little time for Councilman Mosby and the coalition of strong proponents to ensure that the needed votes for final passage is assured.  As fears of “criminals in our midst” sours a few minds, the reality that those that want to get back to work and prove their intent to be productive “members of society” must hold sway. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake wants to grow this city by 10,000 new families and if she assures this City with her backing of this inclusive, spirit of redemption, and re-integration bill, her wish can be realized as starting from within. Making the families that have been torn apart by lack of employment on the road to wholeness again, can and will grow this city in sustainable ways. Please push your Council Representatives to vote for this bill #13-0301, as the means and good faith showing from the people of the “City that Reads” into the City that Builds itself back up.

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Prisons Mask Unemployment

Government employment statistics typically limit their analyses to noninstitutionalized civilian workers. Monthly reports of unemployment and labor force participation inform us of the health of our economy but ignore the large and growing numbers of the working-age population that sit idle in our prisons and jails. If we considered the more than two million inmates in our employment estimates, our conclusions about the state of the economy would grow steadily less optimistic.

Devah Pager, Marked: Race, Crime, and Finding Work in an Era of Mass Incarceration (University of Chicago Press, 2007), p. 29.

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Ban The Box

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The Vanishing City

wordless comic

Wordless Comic by Tiger Tateishi. Source.


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R.I.P. Jerome Murdough

Jerome Murdough

Jerome Murdough

Homeless veteran ‘basically baked to death’ at Rikers Island while being held on trespassing charge” (NY Daily News)

Murdough, 56, was found dead inside his cell on Feb. 15 — eight days after he was arrested for trespassing in the stairwell of a city housing project to escape the cold, authorities said.

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